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BT Social Action: Binky Patrol

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Binky Patrol is an organization that donates handmade blankets to children and teens who are in hospitals, have a chronic illness, or have undergone trauma (house fire, losing a family member or friend, homelessness).  Most people make fleece blankets using a fairly simple cut-and-tie method but crocheted and knit blankets are also welcome.

For the fleece blankets, JoAnn Fabrics sells sets of fleece (1 solid, 1 pattern) that are already the correct size (approximately 48") for a child/teen. Or you can purchase fleece by the yard from JoAnn Fabrics or Walmart.  Please purchase 1.5 yards each of a pattern and a solid, that is the correct size for a child/teen.

Prefer to crochet or knit blankets? Binky Patrol will take those too!  Sizes can range from 24 inches for a preemie, to a larger size for a teen. Please use machine washable yarn. Any patterns are acceptable.


For the fleece blankets we recommend you watch the short tutorial video by Amy and Sarah Broad on the BT YouTube page:


Fleece and/or monetary donations are always appreciated if you prefer not to make the blankets yourself.

Binky Patrol of Southern CT website:

Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782