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High Holiday Appeal 5782

Funds generated from our High Holiday Annual Fund go towards the operating expenses of B’nai Torah. Our Annual Fund supplements member dues, which only cover about half of our operating expenses. Your gift to the High Holiday Annual Fund is greatly appreciated and recognized in our Megillah newsletter at the donation levels listed below. Your can choose to donate anonymously.

Levels of Giving Donation

Manhigim- Leaders $2,500 and above

Giborim - Heroes $1,000 and above

Amudim- Pillars $750 and above

Shomrim- Guardians $500 and above

Bonim- Builders $250 and above

Tormim- Supporters $100 and above

Haverim- Friends below $100

Please donate at the level most comfortable for you. In plamning your donation, consider increasing the amount donated last year.

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life.

Please sign in to your B'nai Torah account by clicking "Login" in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. By signing in you can then choose to bill your account, make payments, or pay your donation in one payment. THis will only work if you are signed in to the account. Thank you.

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Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782