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Finding Comfort in Music

Music from Israel
As we have done every day for the past few weeks, we wish all of our community good health and peace as we endure this unique time that we all hope will end swiftly and with the least suffering possible. As we have stated in our past messages, please contact the shul if you need anything – we are here to help. And, please attend our online programming to feel our community connection. 
Today, we are highlighting a topic that is sure to be uplifting – music! Most Americans think of “Jewish” or “Israeli” music as liturgical, BUT it is far from that. Music from Israel is folk and rock and blues and country and even rap. For your listening pleasure, here is a list of some of the greatest contemporary albums from Israel from the past 20 years, or so. Please send us your favorites.
(p.s. the links should open in Apple Music in case you want to stream the songs).
1. Artists: Shlomo Artzi and Shalom Hanoch -- Album: “Shlomo Artzi Live in Caesarea with Shalom Hanoch,” 2005
2. Artist: Yehudit Ravitz -- Album: “Greatest Hits,” 1994
3. Band: Ethnix -- Album: “Maksimum Ethnix Osef Halehitim” (Maximum Ethnix Greatest Hits), 2000
4. Band: Mashina -- Album: “Eskei Ha’Rock N’ Roll” (Rock N’ Roll Business), 2010
5. Artist: Muki -- Album: “Sh’ma Yisrael” (Hear O Israel), 2002
6. Artist: David Broza -- Album: “The Original Albums” (Haalbumim Hamekori’im), 2012
7. Artist: Arkadi Duchin -- Album: “Yoter Mimeni” (More than Me), The Collection 2004
8. Artist: Arik Einstein -- Album: “The Best of Arik Einstein,” 2003
9. Artists: Shlomi Shabat and Yehuda Poliker -- Album: “Live in Caesarea,” 2005
10. Band: Kaveret -- Album: “Hamofa Ha’acharon” (The Last Concert), 2013
11. Artist: Sarit Hadad -- Album: “Best Of Sarit Hadad,” 2015
12. Artists: Moshe Peretz and Omer Adam -- Album: “Mahapecha” (Live), 2015
13. Band: Teapacks (Tipex) -- Album: “Kol Ha’Lehitim” (Greatest Hits), 2003
14. Artist: Ariel Zilber -- Album: “The Best Of,” 2013
15. Artist: Rita -- Album: “Rita Osef” (Rita Collection)
16. Artist: Eyal Golan -- Album: “Live in Caesarea” with Ma Kashur, 2016


Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781