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Shabbat Morning Services Online Tomorrow

Rabbi Colin

Shabbat Shalom
Dear B'nai Torah,
I hope everyone is feeling and doing well. After another week of seclusion, I imagine that we are all just a bit more frazzled than this time last week. Personally, it has been difficult for me since two of my friends have the Coronavirus and have been seriously ill. Also, one of the reasons I became a Rabbi was to interact with people of all ages, as much as I could, and to only see members and my students on line has been very unsatisfactory for me.
I'm certain that we are all suffering in some way, but would like to take the opportunity to wish hamakom yenachem to all those who have lost a loved one to the Virus and refuah shleimah to those who are sick. And it is important to open our hearts to the Medical practitioners who are putting themselves, and their families, at risk in order to help their patients.
I am delighted that members of the Board of B'nai Torah on the initiative of our Presidents are calling our members to find out how they are doing and discover if there is anything that the synagogue or I am able to do for you. The synagogue building may be closed, but we are open and here to help in any way we can.
Many thanks to the volunteers who are purchasing and/or delivering shopping for some members who have asked for help. We will be continuing to explore ways we can help you and also tzedakah projects, such as the making of face masks that we can participate in.
I hope you have been availing yourself of the Zoom Torah study on Wednesday evenings or the live streamed Shabbat services which we began last Shabbat. We will be on Facebook Live tomorrow morning beginning at 10:30 am for Shabbat Morning Service. It is a wonderful way for our community to be together, even if it is virtually. You can follow along in the Etz Hayim Humash which is now online. Certainly I hope you have been reading the messages that we have sent out on a regular basis since all of this began. If you need any technical assistance, please let us know and we will help you.
Also attached to this note you will find a listing of sessions being hosted by Jewish Family Service for those who are struggling in any way during the Coronavirus crisis. No one should feel embarrassed to feel and express anxiety or fear or to reach out to me, the synagogue or Jewish Family Services for help, if needed.
One of the ways that I have been achieving some control in a time where nobody knows what tomorrow brings, is to create a routine for myself of preparing classes, teaching students, making phone calls and writing emails. You might not be teaching classes, but I think it is possible for all of us to create a routine, even if watching Netflix is part of that routine! Secondly, in my house, we are taking the opportunity of doing things that none of us usually have time for, such as cleaning! And we plan on repainting the whole house!
I think it is important to create positive moments, such as eating together regularly because we are all here together, or perhaps you could cook a meal, or paint a picture with someone who lives with you. In other words, let us think about those things we CAN do, rather than what we cannot do. And please reach out to those you know whom are alone at this time…Remember , it is PHYSICAL separation that we need a at this time, not Social separation and I wish the media would change the terminology they are using. We should seek as many ways as possible to communicate and be in touch with as many people as possible.
Next week I will be presenting my (and others) ideas about how to celebrate Pesach 5780. Without doubt this Pesach will be different from all other Pesachs.
Shabbat shalom. May this Shabbat be a peaceful one.
Rabbi Colin
Sat, April 10 2021 28 Nisan 5781