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Staying Safe Online with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Rabbi Colin and BT Board

Shavua Tov to all of our BT families. We hope you are both feeling and doing well.
In today's digital age, we receive news from many sources. Unfortunately, some of it is not always well-intentioned. To help protect our BT community, please consider these warnings from law enforcement as fears surrounding the coronavirus continues to spread.
Local police say some people have taken advantage of the deadly virus.
Several police departments have shared FBI information that people are getting phishing scams, so they are urging people to be cautious of suspicious coronavirus e-mails.
Many agencies have alerted local police to people sending out e-mails appearing to be from the  CDC  and   World Health Organization .
But instead of learning more about the coronavirus, people getting these e-mails provide criminals with their own information.
The e-mails are phishing scams .
The emails lure people to download attachments that contain malware to access people's bank statements and personal information. Law enforcement has also said that some scammers have created fake charity e-mails asking for money. 
In order to protect you and your family, experts said to verify the sender before opening the e-mail, read link addresses before you click, and never provide personal ID information.
In addition, earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission sent a warning to several businesses accusing them of selling scam coronavirus treatment products. 
Police ask that you report any phishing e-mail to your local police department or the FBI.
We wish that everyone remains healthy and safe during these unusual times. We will continue to send updates to our community and  please remember to contact us if you require assistance . A link to this week's Torah Study class will be forwarded tomorrow.
Rabbi Colin and the BT Board


Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781