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For your viewing pleasure...

Bev, Fred, Amanda

Dear Fellow Congregants,
We hope you and your families are healthy and are holding up well as our enforced stay-at-home continues. Friday night's live streamed Shabbat service was fantastic with more than 1000 views!  If you missed it, you can still log in on Facebook to watch the recorded version. Stay tuned for information about next Saturday's live-streamed Shabbat morning service.
For your watching pleasure, we asked Margery Verlezza, one of our movie gurus along with Laurie Raccuia, another movie maven, to put together a list of Jewish content movies that you might find interesting or entertaining.  This list contains 10 films, but we will be sending out additional lists of movies and also TV series in the future - and will also prioritize a movie list in the future "for family viewing".  You may also want to take a look at the following link to a 1998 list of top Jewish movies derived from Kathryn Bernheimer's book,  The 50 Greatest Jewish Movies: A Critic's Ranking of the Very Best:
We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the movies listed below - and welcome your recommendations for future listings.
We have set up a "virtual" space for our members to congregate on Facebook.  It is entirely private, and only those who have received invitations can participate.  It will also be moderated.  If you are interested in joining us please join us here.
We look forward to hearing from you.  Stay safe and healthy!
Bev, Amanda & Fred
Jewish Themed Movies - available on-line
An Israeli Love Story (Amazon Prime - 2017): a love story set in 1947 Israel against the backdrop of the struggle for independence
The Angel (Netflix - 2018): this real-life thriller is based on Uri Bar-Joseph's bestselling book, The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel.
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (Amazon Prime - 2017): This highly rated movie depicts the fascinating life story of Hedy Lamarr, the Austrian-American actress who also created a groundbreaking technology that helped to torpedo Nazi U-Boats during WWII.
Defiant Requiem (Amazon Prime - 2012): a full length documentary set in the Nazi concentration camp Teresienstadt (Terezin) where the courageous Czech conductor, Rafael Schächter and his fellow inmates use music to stand up against the brutal Nazi regime.  (This film was originally scheduled to be shown at B'nai Torah last week!)
Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana (Amazon Prime - 2017): The film explores the community of villagers in the small Ghanaian community of Sewfi Wiawso who observe Jewish practices and who believe that they are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel.
Fanny's Journey (Netflix - 2016): In this film inspired by true events a group of Jewish orphans flee Nazi-occupied France for Italy, then must escape from Italy.  They make their way to the Swiss border and freedom, led by 13 year old Fanny.
For My Father (Amazon Prime-2010): explores the interactions of a young Palestinian terrorist, and a disillusioned orthodox young woman in Tel Aviv.
Felix and Meira (Amazon Prime - 2014): an unlikely relationship develops between a Hasidic wife and mother and a secular man mourning for his father in Montreal 
GI Jews (Amazon Prime - 2018):  a fascinating documentary of the 550,000 Jewish men and women who serviced in the US military during World War II
Foreign Letters (Amazon Prime - 2014): Lonely pre-teen Ellie has moved with her family to suburban CT from Israel in 1982.  She finds new friendship with Thuy, a Vietnamese refugee of her age.  This movie deals with immigration, prejudice, friendship.


Sat, April 10 2021 28 Nisan 5781