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Especially while you are quarantining...

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It's a beautiful day today - so we need to take advantage of the sunshine to move, move, move!  It is important to preserve our physical health and our emotional well-being during these days of enforced home-time and limited face-to-face interactions.  Staying active is critical and does not require fancy equipment and going to the gym.  Exercise can be family time, or it can be individual or both.  Walk outside in the yard or in parks or trails that have been permitted to stay open - but maintain your social distance.  Use your computer to enjoy a virtual dance, yoga or exercise class with friends.
Many of us are regular users of computers, but the new challenges of working and schooling from home find us spending longer hours in front of the screen.  If you are sitting in front of a computer, make sure to get up and walk around, stretch, do some squats, straighten your back and reach for the ceiling at least every 45 minutes or so.  Our bodies get "stuck" in a flexed position from hours in front of the computer - bad for your neck and shoulders, your low back and your legs.  Just as we are encouraged to pump our ankles and get up and walk when on long drives or flights, we need to remember to get up and move around and get our blood moving when working and playing from home. 
Recommendations for exercise to maintain good health consist of 150 minutes each week of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes each week of vigorous exercise.  Of course, this is based on your health.
See below some excellent recommendations from the American Physical Therapy Association for staying active and healthy during COVID-19. Follow the links for great ideas and information.
Coronavirus is causing significant disruptions to all areas of life and presents a serious threat to health. The American Physical Therapy Association supports following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for remaining safe and avoiding unnecessary exposure, which includes staying home and distancing yourself from others when possible.
But practicing social distancing doesn't mean that you have to stop being physically active. Getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity for your age and ability helps to maintain and to improve overall health, and it is perhaps even more important during stressful times like these.
First, follow CDC guidelines for personal health habits and other tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Then, take advantage of the following tips and resources that you can use to maintain your health and fitness, while doing your part to stop the spread of the virus.
Activities For Kids of All Abilities
Motivation: Move More, Feel Better
To learn more, visit the ChoosePT website:


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