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Tichon High School

Beth Tepper, Director
Rabbi Colin Brodie, Founder

What is the Program?
Our three part program consists of a class with Rabbi Colin, the opportunity to fulfill the community service hours required for High School graduation, as well as a seminar in the third hour entitled “The World’s Faiths.”

  1. Tutoring: Students will work as tutors, assistant teachers, and/or office assistants. Assignments are based upon students’ requests and skills, and the needs of the Talmud Torah.
  2. Learn with Rabbi Colin: In the comfort of the Rabbi’s office, students will participate in significant discussions. They will discover what Judaism contributes to the issues facing all of us.
  3. The World’s Faiths: Through site visits and guest speakers, students will engage with other faiths and their leaders, providing an opportunity to learn about other practices and religions in the world.

Why do we have a High School?
There are very important reasons for continuing a Jewish education through High School. Not only is High School an important part of a student’s education, it also acts as a crucial bridge from B’nai Mitzvah to college. The High School program builds upon the knowledge students have gained in the Elementary and Middle Schools, providing a deeper understanding of the complexities involved with Judaism. While studying, laughing, and eating together, we contemplate important topics that affect our lives. The connection to the synagogue, Rabbi Colin, and each other creates an important foundation for students’ future lives. Giving back is a major theme of our Talmud Torah, and we will be participating in several activities under our new campaign ‘BT Cares,’ as we interact with our local community, and promote Israeli Tzedakah projects. We will show how we can make a difference. Our program also includes field trips, guest speakers and exciting annual trips, to either Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia or New York, which provide a Jewish approach to the marvels of these major cities, as well as providing quality time with good friends.

The calendar will include holiday events for Sukkot, Hanukkah, Tu B’Shevat, and Purim. It will also comprise of field trips to Jewish sites in New York, different religious temples, the Isabella Freedman Center, and the Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum. In addition there will be speakers from other religious faiths and the students will be able to socialize and enjoy each others’ company while further developing their friendships.


Sat, January 28 2023 6 Shevat 5783